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Welcome to the resources section for the myHockey Member Management system.

Developed in partnership with Sports Technology Group (STG), myHockey provides the hockey community with a variety of tools to facilitate administrative functions at national, region, association and club level, along with providing every individual participant with access to the system to view and maintain their personal details and pay for services offered by hockey at every level.

Step by step guides for all functions within the myHockey system can be accessed through this page.

The two key modules of the system are:



MemberDesq is the official registration portal of Hockey New Zealand and its regions, associations and clubs. MemberDesq gives players the convenience of managing their membership details online and gives back valuable administrative resources to clubs. 

If you are a club looking to set up online registrations, CLICK HERE for the Getting Started Guide

CLICK HERE for online help



EventDesq allows associations and clubs to take online registrations for anything from a call for volunteers, functions, coaching clinics and trials. Customised online registration forms through to unlimited email communication and event reporting, with online payment function.

CLICK HERE for online help

I am a club, how do I get access to the system?

Each club in New Zealand has been set up with a master login/password for their myHockey console. If your club has not received your login/password details, please contact your association for access details. 

I need help, how do I get started?

STG have provided the following getting started guides for club administrators. This guide provides a great starting point for administrators using these tools for the first time.

CLICK HERE for the Getting Started guide

Additional help guides;

CLICK HERE for setting up subscriptions

CLICK HERE for how to request a player transfer

CLICK HERE to submit your club bank account details (for payment settlements)

I have read the getting started guide, but am still having problems, who do I ask for support?

There are various levels of support for all users of the myHockey console. 

Firstly, the system has a comprehensive knowledge HelpDesq, this can be found by clicking here or alternatively on the black 'support' tab available on any page within the console. Through the HelpDesq you can also ask questions from the client services team.

Secondly, we have recorded several webinars which are listed below.

Thirdly, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Andrew Gowling
STG - Client Services Manager

Where can I view the system webinars?

STG have recorded two online webinars focussing on key elements of the system. The first webinar (below) is a step by step visual guides for clubs to set up their member management consoles. The second webinar is a wider overview of the myHockey system showcasing all features available.




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